Why us

Language services for HR, legal, and financial teams

Every corporate document has unique characteristics. From agreements to annual reports, we offer tailored language solutions to help managers across different departments succeed in their roles.



Having worked with 75+ legal, financial, and HR departments worldwide, we’re a partner you can trust. All our translators are experts in their field and have a perfect command of specific terminology.


Project management

We know that managers are continuously juggling multiple tasks. That’s why we offer dedicated project managers that handle all your translation needs without further complications.



We’re fully committed to satisfying clients with human-powered translation services. More than 30 years of experience translate into first-class services. We always meet your deadlines, with no exception.

Legal Translation experts with a flair for the fine print

Engaging in international affairs is an exciting endeavor but demands running your business in multiple jurisdictions. Whether it is registering a new company abroad or making sure you comply with relevant domestic laws, your legal documents need a keen eye on them. The same applies to translation.

When it comes to handling complex multilingual legal matters, we rely on our team of legal translators who translate exclusively in their native language and have a profound understanding of the legal writing style.


Terms and conditions

Privacy policies

Product warranties

Insurance policies

Court documents

Powers of attorney

Compliance documentation

Certified & Sworn Translations in the Netherlands

If you do business in the Netherlands and have legal documentation that needs to be presented to official authorities, you can now forget about all the paperwork. Dozens of legal, notary, and financial studios have already partnered with us to simplify what’s usually a very time-consuming task.

Sworn translations in the Netherlands can only be completed by translators that are listed in the Register of Sworn Interpreters & Translators (RBTV).

Sworn translations can be used in the Netherlands if they are accompanied by an Apostille.

The legalization process authenticates the signature of the sworn translator, and affixes an Apostille to the document, making it acceptable by any country that is a party to the Hague Convention.

Multilingual content for banking & finance

Whether it’s banking, insurance, capital markets, or real estate, Lexyca has the experience and knowledge to deliver your financial translations on time while maintaining terminology accuracy and confidentiality.

You may trust us with the translation of annual reports, balance sheets, executive summaries, key investor information reports as well as correspondence, filing, and tax-related documents.

Industry Expertise

Translators who are native speakers of the target language and experts in financial materials


Strict adherence to quality control process


Fast turnaround times, always sticking to deadlines.

Parent companies with multiple subsidiaries in EU countries can get exemptions from withholding tax or simply eliminate double taxation.

Language services for human resources departments

Your workforce is your most important corporate asset. That’s why more and more companies invest in translating training materials and internal communications. After all, 7 out of 10 people prefer reading content in their own language!

Through our language services, we help HR departments keep their organization up-to-date and also reach talent in foreign countries. We work with you to increase employer branding and talent retention.

Roll out documentation in multiple languages

Employment contracts
Bonus schemes
Internal communications

Improve talent retention

Show foreign workers that you care by offering localized onboarding materials.
Support career development with localized e-learning programs.
Rest assured that your teams will make the best of the training.
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