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Localization for Product Managers

Everything the user sees and interacts with has text in it. We make sure your UI/UX is spot-on with our translation and localization services.

Expand beyond your current market

Whether you are a software provider or an app developer, you know how important it is to grow beyond your current market and culture. With our software and app translation services, we help bring your product to new audiences and communicate with people in their own language.

Don’t worry about expensive integrations! Thanks to our state-of-the-art translation technology, we are able to handle any file format. That’s how we help small and medium-sized businesses localize their content.

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We help you release accurate and appealing content in +30 languages:

We adapt

Already have a translation system?

We’re proficient users of XTM, Crowdin, Memsource, Lokalise, Smartling, and Wordbee (to name a few).

We check

Besides bilingual review, we perform in-context revision using screenshots.

Our professional linguists come up with creative fixes to make the text fit.

We test

We test UX with localized content.

This thorough review ensures clients have a seamless interaction with your product.


Continuous Localization: Release faster and quicker

Continuous localization is when localization works in parallel with continuous development cycles. This means we can plug into the release cycle of your company so there is essentially one never-ending sprint — for us “translation job”.

This kind of approach requires active support from your team but is particularly useful if you need to deliver updates without interruptions. The result? You can plan and execute your release cycles simpler and faster.

Reduce friction with multilingual support documentation

Less than 5% of software users are native English speakers. Can you imagine them having a technical issue and not being able to read the instructions? Save the day by localizing help guides and support documentation. Our team of industry specialists is trained to deliver high-quality and timely translations.


Experienced linguists

Every industry has its own jargon, that’s why we only work with linguists that have proven experience in their field.


Proven processes

Our quality process follows the rules set for ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications.


Happy customers

More than 270 brands already trust us. We support them with quality translation services into 30+ languages.

Win the hearts and minds of your local users

When translation alone isn’t enough, we help you captivate your foreign audience

Advertising for a global audience is a sensitive task. You need to inform, engage and persuade your target audience in their own language. We can help you create memorable campaigns that stir emotions in your potential customers, so you can get into their hearts and minds.

Whether it’s taglines, product names or descriptions, idioms, and cultural references, we will transcreate your marketing materials and your audience won’t even notice they are reading a translation.

Landing pages

Blog posts

Social posts


Online ads

DTP services for heavily formatted documents

In support documentation and marketing materials, images, graphics, and visuals are crucial. Did you know our brain can process them up to 60,000 times faster than text?

But don’t worry! If your documents are heavily formatted our Desktop Publishing (DTP) team is ready to optimize your online and print documents for publication. We want to make life easy for you, that is why we deliver your translations fully formatted; in other words, in the same format in which we received them.

At first, I hired Lexyca to translate an application and its online manual from English to other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and German). The team gave me a great service. Translating an application is not an easy task. They had to deal with a number of problems both technical and lexical. Anyway, they fixed all with ease and gave me a high-quality translation in a very short time. That’s why now Lexyca is my first choice in all language-related issues!

Maurizio Giunti

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