Why us

Multilingual corporate communication

Companies with global teams and offices spread across different countries need translation services to operate internationally. We facilitate corporate communication across geographies by supporting secretaries, procurement teams, office managers, and other in-house teams with their multilingual content requirements.

Translations – Do it yourself or outsource?

It’s always tempting to ask a bilingual employee/colleague for help, but the complex nature of certain documents makes you see that there’s too much at stake. The obvious downside to giving translation responsibilities to a non-expert is quality. But bear in mind you’re also distracting them from their actual job and that they lack productivity tools that are essential to cost-effective translations.

Instead, trust a language services provider who can plug into your existing team. At Lexyca, the success of your project is our top priority.

Why Lexyca?

With our professional translation services, you can go back to focusing on your core business.

Effective project management

Handling translation projects implies time and effort, and that will take the focus away from your core business if you decide to take that responsibility. We bring experienced project managers and the right toolset.

Qualified translators

We work with native linguists specialized in different industries. It doesn’t matter whether your text is technical, legal, or financial, we will always handpick the right person for the job.

Any file format

We can handle any file format, whether you need to translate Word files, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, websites, or mobile apps.

Streamlined process

Our translation software helps increase speed, consistency, and accuracy. It also allows us to handle your corporate terminology across documents and projects, as well as perform thorough QA analyses.

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Diversify your supply chain

For some projects with specific language combinations, it’s hard to find freelancers ready to meet your deadlines. And even if you already work with a language service provider, it’s always recommended to have more than just one option.

Having more than one partner allows you to have a back plan when translation volumes are high and deadlines are short. Having an independent third party to perform revisions if there is a quality issue is also a smart strategy.

We specialize in European languages. Partner with us and expand your business today.