Why us

Multilingual solutions for marketing teams

We help marketing and content teams launch multilingual campaigns that drive international brand recognition and growth. With our marketing translation solutions, you can market your product and services anywhere.

Copy Adaptation to make your clients feel at home

Companies that aim to expand internationally face a major challenge: not every piece of writing works everywhere. Even a well-translated text may sound awkward in a given culture.

In some Spanish-speaking countries, for example, many metaphors refer to soccer. Someone “scores a goal from midfield” when they achieve something difficult with great benefits.


A simple translation will never have the desired effect if the cultural references aren’t changed too.

At Lexyca, we work with experts that adapt your content so it delivers in the most effective way possible. We’re able to rework your copy so it really hits home with your target geo.

Our quality assurance process guarantees your message is conveyed appropriately in each target language.

We work on your source files with our translation software to ensure consistency and accuracy.

However complex your project may seem, we keep our agreed deadlines without compromising quality.

Engage your visitors with our Website Translation services

Your web is the first point of contact between your brand and your potential customers. Make sure it’s worth visiting!

Language solutions for your specific needs


Leave no one aside with Website Translation

Did you know that more than 40% of visitors refuse to buy in another language?

Website translation helps make your products and services accessible to foreign markets.


Target foreign markets with original content

A text written from scratch in the target language can often be more effective than its translation.

Have our content writers create high-impact landing pages.


Improve your multilingual SEO ranking

Getting your website translated is one thing, but making it searchable is another.

Increase your visibility by combining translation with keyword research and mapping.

The key to high-performing campaigns

When it comes to marketing and advertising in a foreign market, we offer more than just market-specific copywriting or translating. We can also meet you halfway with transcreation.

Transcreation is a blend between translation and creation, and it’s the best choice when you need to recreate a text in a target language while preserving the intent of the original message. This technique is typically used in the following materials, among others:


Retail and sales materials

TV ads

Product descriptions

Entire websites

Leaflets & brochures

Social Post

On-device content for Android and iOS

PDF Translation Services

With Lexyca, layout issues are a thing of the past.

The portable document format (PDF) is the most common way of sharing information. However, translating PDF files can be tricky, entailing additional time and effort. We have the latest technology to convert and translate your PDF files efficiently.

Audiovisual Translation for your multimedia content

When it comes to audiovisual translation, it’s key to know which are the preferred media localization modes around the world. For example, people in the Netherlands prefer subtitles, while Hungarians are fond of dubs.

Our audiovisual translation services match your customer’s preferences:

are a good strategy in terms of costs and time, and an excellent way to start promoting yourself internationally.

is widely used in documentaries, interviews, promotional films, and institutional videos.

entails converting audio or voice recording into text and translating it if necessary.