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Our Process

We have a strict quality control process to make sure that all of our projects are completed perfectly every time. Below is an overview of the steps we take:


We begin all of our projects by understanding how and where the translation will be used.

Once we know this, we read over the document and discuss with you what type of translation is needed: a literal translation (word for word or line for line), a paraphrased translation (idea for idea) or a combination of the two. With this in mind, we begin working on your project.


We search for the best possible terminology when translating.

Our first step is to review any materials previously translated on your behalf to identify standard terms. The second step is to put ourselves into the mindset of the reader and determine the best way to communicate your information. Do not be surprised if we come back to you with recommendations on how your text could be edited or improved to make the wording flow more smoothly in the new language!


Once the translation is complete, we perform a complete quality control review against the following checklist:

a. Is the translation equivalent to the source?
b. Are the terms equivalent?
c. Did we use any special terms you requested?
d. Is the style appropriate?
e. Does the text flow well?
f. Are there no typos, no missing punctuation and no spelling errors?
g. Is the text well formatted (i.e. is the structure the same as in the original)?

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