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Make sure your text is spot-on with our Editing, Proofreading, and Revision Services

Show clients and partners how much you care by providing them with error-free texts. Find out why having a second pair of eyes on your copy can make all the difference.

Proofreading and Editing: Achieve your goals with Monolingual Review

Proofreading is the process by which a native speaker, who is also a professional linguist, removes all orthographic and grammatical errors from your final text. It’s about checking the accuracy of a piece of writing that is virtually complete. That’s why we only fix minor mistakes related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Proofreading is a part of editing, but editing is much more than proofreading. While editing, besides handling the typical surface errors, we improve the style, structure, and content by adding, removing, or rearranging parts of the text. This service involves revising the content, organization, and presentation of a piece of writing to ensure ideas are presented to your audience as clearly as possible.

You can use these services in multiple scenarios such as the following:

Get a professional opinion

You’re an expert in your field, but language rules are not your strong suit. That’s OK! Our expert proofreaders and editors will use their superpowers to make your text shine.

Submit a tender application

You read the specifications, add the reasons why you should be awarded the tender, and that’s it. Or is it? When you only have one pair of eyes on your copy, you miss details that could make or break your RFP. That’s where we come in.

Launch a marketing campaign

There’s a fine line between stylistic choices and grammar mistakes when it comes to marketing and advertising. We recognize that line. So we work side-by-side with our clients to figure out how to perfect their copy and captivate their readers.

Review a translation in context

Context is everything. This is especially true for websites, where the layout plays an important role or ecommerce sites, where your copy can help you make a sale. With our services, we make your copy both look and sound good.

Get Revision: Bilingual Review for more accurate translations

Have you hired freelance translators or translated your content internally? A lot can go wrong without the four-eye principle.

Translators might do a great job, but there’s always room for error when only one person reads a text. That’s why most industry standards rely on a process with—at least—two people: a translator and a reviser.

Besides being native speakers of the target language, our revisers specialize in your field of expertise. Powered by specialized tools for bilingual files, we’ll make sure grammar, spelling, syntax, style, and terminology errors are no longer there.

We serve clients from all industries and handle all kinds of files

● Copy/content writing and adaptation
● Website and e-commerce language solutions and SEO
● Subtitles, transcripts, and voice-over translation
● Transcreation of print and digital marketing materials

● Software and app localization
● In-context and functional revision
● Translation of manuals and support digital assets, advertising and marketing materials
● Desktop Publishing (DTP) services for online and print documents

● Effective project management + specialized translation
● TEP (translation + editing + proofreading) or translation by one vendor
● Monolingual or bilingual revision and QA
● Transcreation, localization, SEO, and other language solutions

● Technical texts and documents (all kinds of industries)
● Machine translation post-editing services (light and full MTPE)
● Monolingual or bilingual revision and QA
● Desktop Publishing (DTP) of InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad, and Quark files

● Reliable solutions in our core languages (English, Italian, Dutch, and Hungarian) and many others
● Specialized services—from legal to technical to marketing translations
● Optimized processes by plugging into your translation workflow at any stage
● Localization using a wide range of CAT tools

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