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The discovery that you cannot get married, continue your studies or practice your profession in the Netherlands without a certified translation of your birth certificate or professional certificates and accreditations needn’t come as an unpleasant surprise. The prospect of arranging translation, certification and Apostilles in a new country can be an unwelcome challenge. At Lexyca we provide translations that connect people. We are ready to help you with all of your translation needs. We have an extensive network of trusted, sworn translation partners covering the leading languages of the world and we are proud to offer certified translations also in the less commonly requested language pairings. We have years of professional experience and have built an impeccable reputation for integrity and trust through the collaborative relationships that we have developed with our sworn translation and legal and notarial partners, all of which is at your disposal.

We simplify the legalization chain

Our vast experience of legal, sworn and certified translations makes us the perfect guide as you navigate your way through the legalization process; or you can choose to use our highly respected Full Translation and Legalization Service. It really can be as simple as delivering the document that requires translation to our office in The Hague and letting us take care of the rest. We will keep you updated with your documents progress through the translation and court certification process; we can arrange all necessary Apostilles and return the document to you by secure courier service if required.

Sworn or certified translation?

The legal world is built on detail. Do you need a sworn or a certified translation? Sworn translations are signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator, they can only be supplied on paper and conform to a specific format that is accepted in the country concerned. Sworn translations are used for formal letters and documents including; Certificates, Letters of Attorney/Mandates, Company Registration Certificates, Court Decisions, Statements, Diplomas, and Licenses / Permits. Sworn translations are necessary if your documents will be presented to a Court or to a public institution.

There are some differences between a sworn and a certified translation. A certified translation has an official stamp and signature, but not always from a sworn translator. The translation will be delivered with a certificate declaring it to be an independent, professional organisation and acknowledging the true and faithful rendering of the source documents into the target language. You will receive your original document attached to the translation and certificate. Certified translations cannot be submitted for Apostille or legalization from a district court.

We take care of your documents

At Lexyca we specialize in Legal translations, we take care of your most valuable and important documents at your time of greatest need. There are no two clients with the same ultimate goal; each case has different needs, motivations and levels of urgency.

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